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Aroma Therapy/Essential Oils Not Only Improve Your mood. They Also Are Great for your Health, Skin Care, Beauty, And Your Home. Let’s Look At A Few.



Lemongrass– Reduces Body Aches, And Muscle Pain, Kills Bacteria, Helps To Keep Insects Away, And Is Effective In Battling Odors. Take A Cotton Ball With lemongrass And Hide It In The Bathroom For An Easy And Pleasant Air Freshener. Next Time You Have A Burnt Pan Put Some Water In It and Bring It To A Boil Add A Few Drops of Lemongrass. Give It Time To Cool Off Enough To Work With The Pan And See How Much Easer The Pan Cleans Up.

LavenderYou Might Know It For its Relaxing Smell But It Is Also Used For Cleansing Cuts, Skin irritations, Bruises. Try Adding Some Lavender Oil To Your Shampoo To Help  An Itchy Scalp Go Away.

Eucalyptus- Can Help You Breath Easier, And Because It Has Natural Antiseptic Properties It Can Be Used To Heal Wounds Cuts And Burns. Try Mixing It With Hot Water To Kill the Mold In the Shower.

Tea Tree- The oil possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. A person can treat acne, athlete’s foot, contact dermatitis or head lice using tea tree oil.

And just in case you are in need of a Diffuser, we’ve got you covered!

When Oils Are Mixed Together, They Can Become Even More Effective. Tea Tree And Lemongrass Make A Powerful Odor Eliminator And A natural Disinfectant Try It In Your Shoes, The Trash Cans, Add Water And Use For Cleaning.  Pre Blended Oils Can Be Used In Diffusers For specific Issues Like Sleep/Insomnia, Stress Relief, Or Simply Fresh Air. There is Also Roll-On bottles That Make It Easier to Apply Oils For Muscle Soreness, Pain relief, And other Topical needs.