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Discover the Benefits of Pure Black Seed Extract (Black Cumin Seed Nigella Sativa)

Are you turned off by the taste of black seed oil? Keter Wellness black seed extract capsules are the most potent form of black cumin seed without the black seed bitters taste which even black seed oil capsules can leave in your throat and mouth. We start with black seed whole form which is then turned into a black seed powder and extracted leaving the most beneficial form of black seed extract capsules.

A 100% Pure, Naturally Grown Black Seed Extract Proven and Trusted. At Keter Wellness we pride ourselves on only putting in our products what actually NEEDS to be there. Our Black Cumin Seed Extract product is no different. Our Black Seed Capsules are Free from fillers, artificial and harmful ingredients, ONLY 100% Pure Nigella Sativa Extract.

Benefits of Black Cumin Extract by Keter Wellness
• Black Seed Promotes Healthy Immune Response
• Nigella Sativa Modulates Regulators of Inflammation
• Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Levels
• Black Seed is a great source of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients; both are vital to healthy digestion and overall well-being.
• Does not require any extra diet or exercise to work (unless you are using for muscle bulk)
• Black Seed Extract Contains no harmful artificial colors or dyes.
• Veggie caps with NO magnesium sterate

Black Cumin Seed Extract contains a powerful, pure dose of the finest, naturally grown nigella sativa extract ingredient. This product is grown in the rich, holistic soils and is manufactured under strict GMP guidelines, so you know that your health is completely safe while you’re reaping the benefits of such a powerful, healthy herb.

This is the only Nigella Sativa product with 100% Pure, Natural Black Cumin Seed ground into the perfect product.

Order and feel the benefits of Black Cumin Seed Extract!

Black Cumin Seed Promotes Healthy Immune Response
Pure Black Cumin Seed Extract – No Fillers, No Additives
Black Seed Extract (Nigella Sativa) Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Levels
Keter Wellness is a trusted name for Ayurvedic Herbs such as Black Cumin Seed
Black Cumin Seed Extract Modulates Regulators of Inflammation

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