Forage Wellness Natural Deodorant (Rosemary Lemon Peppermint) Zero Waste 2oz Glass Jar


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Scent Name:Rosemary Lemon Peppermint

*Directions for use: ⁣This is a concentrated, botanically rich formula with zero fillers. A small amount goes a long way! Unlike regular anti-perspirants you have to slather on, you only need a tiny amount of Forage Wellness natural deo – which makes the 2oz jar last a long time!

*Warm up a small pea-sized amount between your fingers and then *fully* rub it into both of your underarms. We know the application is different, but it really only takes a little bit. The ingredients are synthetic free, organic, high quality botanicals, so it’s okay to rub it in like you would a lotion. ⁣

*Secondly, you will sweat – and this is a good thing! This is NOT an anti-perspirant. Your underarms are home to over 20 lymph nodes – which are continually detoxifying and filtering as a part of your all-important immune system. Many people find they naturally sweat less after a period of using our deodorant. If you have switched from a traditional deodorant or antiperspirant, it may take some time for your skin microbiome and lymph nodes to adjust and normalize. During this time, we suggest wearing looser fitting, natural fiber clothing. Give your skin some space to breathe while it is adjusting to a natural, synthetic-free product. ⁣This will help prevent potential setbacks while making the switch.

*The benefits of using natural, aluminum free deodorant much outweigh the risks. Decreasing your toxic exposure can have a huge impact on your skin and overall health!

*Please reach out if you have any questions – we are passionate about our products and love talking about the endless benefits of herbal skincare.

⁣ Ingredients: ⁣ *Shea Butter, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with *Calendula, *Yarrow, *Oregano, *Thyme and *Licorice Root, Kokum Butter, Illipe Butter, Baking Soda (aluminum free), *Arrowroot Powder, Beeswax, *Mango Butter and *Essential Oils *denotes certified organic ingredients

FRESH ALL DAY – Natural deodorant that works! Wear with confidence and rest assured you are avoiding all controversial ingredients. Made with certified organic ingredients: rich plant butters, potent herbs infused in extra virgin olive oil, odor neutralizing aluminum-free baking soda and ultra absorbent arrowroot powder creates an effective yet safe alternative.
LONG LASTING – This is a concentrated, botanically rich formula with zero fillers. A little goes a long way. Each 2oz jar lasts 3-6 months.
ZERO WASTE PACKAGING – Reusable and recyclable 2oz glass jar shipped in a recycled gift box
LIGHTLY SCENTED – With certified organic therapeutic grade essential oils. Gender neutral scent. More options coming soon!
HANDCRAFTED – Small batches made in the USA. Small family-owned and operated business.

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